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Business cash flow finance

Business cash flow finance is a loan where the underlying security is the business’s expected future cash flows. The generated cash flow is used as means to pay back the loan. They can be effective for a business that generates a large amount of cash flow, but does not hold many physical assets which would typically be used as loan security.

Commercial facility finance

Facility finance is a flexible loan package for businesses needing access to operating capital. There are a range of loan products available under commercial facility finance, including lines of credit, overdrafts, letters of credit, and deferred payment plans.

Vehicle and equipment finance

Vehicle and equipment finance are a type of “asset-based finance” where a loan is provided to a business, and any asset – such as an equipment or vehicles – are used as the underlying security to the loan.

Vehicle-buying finance

Businesses can access specialised loans to purchase vehicles for business use. They are generally secured loans where the vehicle (or vehicles) being purchased are used as the underlying security.